Meet our Grantees – Sanlun Yishu

We have just heard from another of our 2008 grant recipients, Sanlun Yishu, by artists Lee Somers and Elisabeth Pellathy in Beijing, China. The original description of the project: 三san (three) 轮lun (wheel) 车che (vehicle) – a versatile, cheap and compact tricycle made from modified motorcycles or bicycles. Small yet mighty, the workhorse of Beijing moves everything from lumber to…Keep reading >>

Meet Our Grantees – Ocean Beach Fire Pits

We got this note from one of our 2008 Grant Recipients the Ocean Beach Fire Pits – Rebecca Anders, Yasmin Mawaz-Khan and Charles Gadeken, San Francisco, California: We are proud and happy to report that the Ocean Beach Fire Pits project, so generously supported by BRAF in 2008, is complete. As you know, Charlie and his crew installed their beautiful…Keep reading >>

Reporting in on Elemental Interactions – WATER

Zach Rukstela, Harley Dubois, David Zetland, Linda Gass, Henry Kaiser and our very own BRAF Executive Director Tomas McCabeIn this, the last of our Elemental Interactions series, our guests spoke on the topic of ‘Water’. We brought together an eclectic mix of speakers, artists, scientists, social historians and others from our extended community and beyond. They speakers educated, entertained and…Keep reading >>

Multiverse at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

Black Rock Arts Foundation Advisory Board Member, Leo Villareal, has an amazing light sculpture at the National Gallery, Multiverse. Multiverse, the largest and most complex light sculpture created by American artist Leo Villareal, may be seen and experienced by visitors as they pass through the Concourse walkway between the East and West Buildings of the National Gallery of Art. Commissioned…Keep reading >>