Ignition NW — Temple of Dawn

The creation of Ignition NW was spawned over the last several years as some of the 3,000 people from the Pacific Northwest who attend Burning Man each year have come together and developed a thriving, year-round arts community. Ignition NW
was formed over a series of conversations which looked at what the needs and desires of the community were, and what vehicle would best carry them out. Only recently has the group galvanized to form this hot-off-the-presses non-profit which has a board of eleven members that were elected in August 2005, and approximately 230 voting members to date.

Invited, in part, by Randy Engstrom, President of the Board and Executive Director of the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, a contingency of BRAF minded folks from California and Michigan attended Ignition NW’s most recent Town Hall Meeting, held this past Monday, March 27th. Having just been called to order the meeting hall quickly went silent in acknowledgement of the 7 young people killed on Capitol Hill over the weekend. Grief counseling materials were made available to all, as at least one of the victims was a ‘burner’ and others had ties to the community.

As some 300 wet eyes were wiped dry the meeting continued with a presentation of what the Black Rock Arts Foundation has been doing. The presentation culminated with few words by artist and BRAF board member, David Best. David consoled the community while simultaneously inspiring them to act now, and to build a monument, a temple, a public memorial to the 8 young lives lost. He used examples from his experience building temples for the Burning Man event. He talked about the importance of moving through one’s grief, yet not letting go of memory — of working and weeping.

By meetings end a group had come together that was committed to building a temple to those lost on Capitol Hill — a fundraiser date had been set (Saturday, April 1st), and at least $638.00 had been raised. Since then, the group has been working with David Best and the City of Seattle to confirm a design and a site for the temple; local construction companies have reportedly been offering their resources and services in support of the build. This is truly an incomparable group of people working to both heal, and better, their own community. Seattle, I salute you.

For more information on Ignition NW, including details on the projected temple build, please visit:

There are also a couple paypal accounts set up-
1) For the survivors and family: 2112relief@gmail
2) For the temple project: 2112templefund@gmail

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