Exhibitors vs. Makers, not really.

This past weekend at the Maker’s Faire was, by all accounts, amazing. The faire itself was a phenomenal success with makers, crafters, and exhibitors from all walks: from Legos, to living mushroom sculptures, to sock creatures, to robotics, to you name it. Present were an amazing and engaged group of people that came together to produce and attend the faire. It was a competent and captive audience ready and willing to live life a little differently than the mainstream — and ready and willing to do whatever it takes to enact and support that change — how very refreshing!

From a sea of ‘I heart Nerds’ t-shirts and ‘GeekSquad’ men in black came inquisitive folks who were curious about what we were doing, already knew what we were up to and wanted to help, and folks with time or resources to donate. It was an amazing out pouring of support from everyone who asked us questions, to the dedicated volunteers who helped us spread the good word of our mission. Many thanks to everyone involved!

P.S. In a room full of geeks, these ladies had no trouble garnering a little support for the Black Rock Arts Foundation

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