Major Set Back for ‘Dreamer’ in Golden Gate Park

This just in from BRAF’s Executive Director: Leslie Pritchett….. It is with real sadness that I report that the temporary exhibition of Pepe Ozan’s ‘Dreamer’ in golden Gate Park must be postponed for the foreseeable future. We’ve been working for more than a year to bring this installation to San Francisco. The piece was stored after it’s initial exhibition at…Keep reading >>

ScrapEden, Black Rock City — a project of the Black Rock Arts Foundation

Scrap: n. Discarded waste material, often metal suitable for reprocessing.Eden: n. A delightful place, a garden, a paradise. Scrap Eden: n.1. A delightful garden made of re-claimed discarded waste material, often metal suitable for reprocessing.2. Black Rock City’s First Participant-Based Community Garden, created by the community for the community3. A project of the Black Rock Arts Foundation This year the…Keep reading >>

A ‘Dreamer’ in Golden Gate Park

Yes, a our purple friend is coming to roost. The above is a digital mock-up of Pepe Ozan’s, ‘Dreamer’, in Golden Gate Park. The actual installation will be slightly closer to the road, the head a more face-forward orientation. Pepe Ozan’s, ‘Dreamer’, originally created for Burning Man 2005, will soon be installed for a 6 month temporary exhibition in Golden…Keep reading >>

Imagine the Way! There is Hope!

And this hope may be most effectively embodied in Pepe Ozan’s ‘Monicacos de Esperanza’. These ever-playful “Rag Puppets of Hope” have made their way down to San Francisco’s India Basin Shoreline Park as a part of the new Blue Greenway — a 13 mile greenway/waterway network along SF’s southern waterfront between China Basin and Candlestick Park. Three pilot sites along…Keep reading >>

‘Passage’ Opening Dedication

June 16th marked the opening dedication of both Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito’s sculpture, ‘Passage’, and the newly rennovated breakwater which is now a public access pier — Pier 14 allows residents and visitors to San Francisco to walk some 637 feet out into the bay for 360 degrees of stunning views. Without the hard work, bood, sweat, and…Keep reading >>

‘Passage’ Installation, Act Two

A crew of incredibly dedicated volunteers has been working (literally) day and night to complete the installation of ‘Passage’ on the SF Waterfront at Mission & Embarcadero. A huge thanks to the cast and crew who have made this feat possible! Welders Phil and Steve, working on the base of the child figure. Artist Karen Cusolito and key play Steve…Keep reading >>

‘Passage’ Installation, Act One

The installation of ‘Passage’ has begun on the San Francisco Waterfront — Embarcadero at Pier 14 Passage Site Mother Figure Artists Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolitogaining some perspective as one of the Mother’s arms is attached. Mother’s arm deftly attached by core crew member Steve 23!

‘Passage’ prepares for Installation

That’s right! Dan das Mann and Karen Cusolito’s monolithic mother and child sculpture, originally created for last year’s Burning Man event, ‘Passage’, has arrived in the East Bay where it is being re-furbished in preparation for temporary six month installation on the San Francisco Waterfront. The exhibition is part of a continuing model put forth by the Black Rock Arts…Keep reading >>