Major Set Back for ‘Dreamer’ in Golden Gate Park

This just in from BRAF’s Executive Director: Leslie Pritchett…..

It is with real sadness that I report that the temporary exhibition of Pepe Ozan’s ‘Dreamer’ in golden Gate Park must be postponed for the foreseeable future.

We’ve been working for more than a year to bring this installation to San Francisco. The piece was stored after it’s initial exhibition at Burning Man 2005 outside of Reno.The piece was stored outside in its component pieces. Initial visual inspection lead all to believe that the piece was in fine shape for this installation, and that it would require only the expected amount of work to re-seam and paint it after it was assembled. It was only after the sculpture was trucked from Reno and unloaded at the installation site in Golden Gate Park that it became apparent that the integrity of the underlying material used to surface the wire-frame shell of the sculpture was markedly compromised. The piece will require extensive resurfacing and repair in order for it to be in an appropriate condition for exhibition.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation does not currently have funding resources that would allow us to support Pepe’s repair efforts, and so must put the installation project on indefinite hold.

Thank you all for your continuing support for this and other BRAF projects.


At present, there are no new updates on the future of this installation. The piece(s) will be removed from the installation site today 🙁

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