‘Passage’ Installation, Act Two

A crew of incredibly dedicated volunteers has been working (literally) day and night to complete the installation of ‘Passage’ on the SF Waterfront at Mission & Embarcadero. A huge thanks to the cast and crew who have made this feat possible!

Welders Phil and Steve, working on the base of the child figure.

Artist Karen Cusolito and key play Steve 23 consult over the mother’s foot.

Rockstar Carpenters Monkey Boy and Brandon knock out the plinth base.

Work is still underway, but a familliar contour is starting to take shape.

The sculpture will open in conjunction with new public access pier (Pier 14) THIS FRIDAY, June 16th, on where Mission St. meets Embarcadero! An 11 a.m. Press Event (open to the public) will inaugurate the site and dedicate the new pier, a former breakwater. At 6 p.m. a Community Dedication with the artists will be followed by a No-Host Bar Reception at nearby Sinbad’s. Pirate attire is, of course, optional!

YAAAR! See you there!

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