Adventures at the Panhandle Bandshell

Last June, I called my friend Playa Jewel and said, “whatchadoin? Let’s go on an art adventure.” I had been putting together some photos for the Black Rock Arts Foundation so we started at the Panhandle Bandshell in San Francisco, and is it ever gorgeous?

The Panhandle Bandshell is a full-scale performance stage constructed almost entirely out of reclaimed and repurposed materials, including 65 automobile hoods, hundreds of computer circuit boards, 3,000 plastic water bottles, French doors, reclaimed wood, and recycled structural steel. As a fully modular structure, it can easily be dismantled, moved and re-assembled anywhere.ScrapEdenSF, artist’s collectives, The Finch Mob and REBAR, partnered with Christopher Guillard of CMG Landscape Architecture to construct the bandshell entirely from reclaimed materials, ultimately diverting 18 tons of waste from landfills.

Perfomers were able to self-scheduled acoustic performances throughout the summer of 2007.

As you can see the sound baffling is made of reclaimed water bottles. ScrapEdenSF is a project of the Black Rock Arts Foundation, was supported by a Zero Waste Grant from the San Francisco Department of the Environment and by grants from The San Francisco Foundation, The Darby Foundation and The Mental Insight Foundation.

The Panhandle Bandshell was moved to Treasure Island in the spring of 2008.

photos: Melissa Alexander, Melissa Alexander, affinity

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