AIR!! Elemental Interactions

We started and ended our evening of the art and physics of AIR with Wizzard demonstrating how air changes with different stimuli.

This was the second event in our new lecture series, Elemental Interactions. In appreciation of our members and donors, we’ve designed these informal evenings to explore topics of art, science and civic participation.

Our host, a Board member of both the Black Rock Arts Foundation and Burning Man, Will Roger Peterson told us about how he perceives “air” and introduced our guests.

Lissa Shoun aka Tiger Tiger opened her talk by showing us the locations of the Black Rock City Airport posting in the Nevade State Airport Directory. She provided us with history, statistics and great stories of what it is like to be the Manager of the BRC Airport.

Landing at Black Rock City: video: Rreet

David Boyer told us about his kinetic art, how he became a full time sculptor and how he sometimes uses used or recycled materials.

Here is a little video of David wind testing one of his sculptures:

And to close the evening Ned Kahn talking about the use of both wind and water to create sculptures that are sometimes 9 stories high.

David Boyer, Ned Kahn, Lissa Shoun and Will Roger Peterson

It was an evening full of wonder and creativity and we thank everyone who participated.


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