Park(ing) Day 2007

So my friend Janet and I went on a tour of San Francisco parks, Park(ing) Day parks that is. Parks filled with golfing, hair cutting, chill spots, interactive art projects, knitting…a plethora of amusements, parks that will soon be back to being parking spaces.

In the photo above, REBAR, an artist’s collective and recipients of a grant through BRAF’s Grants-to-Artists program, sit atop their pedal powered park, Parkcycle, created for Park(ing) Day 2007. Park(ing) Day, an event conceived of and organized by REBAR in 2005.

PedalPower Rules!

Park(ing) Day has since gathered thousands of participants around the globe to transform ordinary parking places into temporary public parks…at least until the meter runs out.

BRAF’s Grants-to-Artists’ program is supported in part through private donations, and by individuals who make online purchases of tickets to Burning Man and choose to make a gift of additional funds. The Grants-to-Artists’ program also receives support from members of the Burning Man Regional Network.

Photo: Sasha Wizansky

Tres cool, check it out…

Here are my photos of my friend Janet and I enjoying Parking Day:

originally posted: September 2007


Update: REBAR was one of BRAF’s Honorees at the 2008 Flip You Lid Gala, more about that later.

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