The Detroit Dream Project – The Temple is up!

The Black Rock Arts Foundation, along with SPARC and Motor City Blight Busters, is helping to make the Detroit Dream Project a reality. The structural work for the Temple is complete but there’s decorative work and some landscaping that will be completed this coming weekend.

The Detroit Dream Project is a collaborative effort to build a community art space in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood. The central structure will be a sculptural pavilion known as the Temple of the American Dream, designed by David Best, Chazz Miller and the community.
The Temple is designed to be a welcoming shelter for community gatherings, children’s arts camp, outdoor music and poetry readings, and neighborhood BBQ’s sheltered by brand new trees. The Detroit Dream Project intends to jumpstart the revitalization of this historic section of the city through interactive art. A driving goal is to involve the community and local artists spreading the message that all people can participate and create together.

The photo includes David Best working with several volunteers.

To see additional photos of the project: Detroit Dream Project flickr Group


Sketch: David Best
photo: Fuzzytek

photos: Lea

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