Meet Our Grantees – Emergence

We want you to introduce you to our grant recipients, so this is the first in our series “Meet Our Grantees”. Some of our posts will be about our 2008 grant recipients, and some posts will be about some of our earlier grant recipients and the work they are doing now. So hang on, there is a lots of fabulous public, interactive and temporary art out there, and we are excited to share it with you.

So the first grantee we are going to tell you about is Emergence …a summer exhibition of experimental and participatory art involving more than 30 artists/collectives, with a strong emphasis on audience and artist interaction. The exhibition opened on May 31st coinciding with the grand opening of Governors Island to visitors for the season and runs through July 26, 2008. Bex, our friend and blogger over at the Burning Blog, the Burning Man blog, visited Emergence and loved the experience of visiting the old Victorian House chock full of temporary interactive art, with over 30 individual installations and over 40 artists that have come together to create a temporary interactive art house for 9 weeks.

Check out this video, one of several on the Emergence website to hear more about the exhibition:

And here are photos of a couple of photos from the exhibition just to give you a taste of the variety of artists and installations.
The Friendly Falcons and Their Friend the Snake (Jeff Kurosaki & Tara Pelletier), a game show

Peripheral Media Projects (Garrison Buxton & Ray Cross), the participants can arrange the various hexagons 98° (Sarah Nicole Phillips), when participants touch the print, their body heat can make the image disappear

Saviour Scraps, partipants are invited to bring scraps of material to weave a fantastical environment


photos: Emergence
video: Hsuan-Yu Pan

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