Meet our Grantees – Primal Source Realized

We told you last week about about the BRAF Grants-to-Artists recipient, Primal Source by Usman Haque at the Santa Monica Glow Festival.
So now we want someone who was there to tell you about it:

Last night in Santa Monica, CA, from 7pm to about 7am, Glow 08 took over the piers. It was an art and music festival with a bunch of cool events and attractions, but the coolest looks to have been the “Primal Source,” a gigantic fountain with projections on it built by Usman Haque. As the video shows, it looks like a gigantic drug-induced hallucination. Which is awesome. written by Adam Frucci

Congratulations to Usman Haque for realizing his vision!!
Just in case you have forgotten, the light effects are produced from discreetly hidden microphones that picked up sounds from the crowd so that participants generated realtime colorful animated light patterns and shapes on the water screen before them that reacted to the sound of the words, music and noises produced collectively by both individuals and groups.

photo: Andrew Rollinger Creatve Commons – no commercial use

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