Detroit Temple – World Hoop Day

In our continuing saga of of documenting what community events are happening at the Detroit Dream Project. Check out the video to see how the Temple is being a base for the neighborhood!

I give you Faith’s report on World Hoop Day:

Blight Buster showed up to help set up and and then our first round of kids were just walking by and we hooked them in and they stayed for about 2 hours (and finally won a hoop!!).

Peachy and Doxie who took flyers into the neighborhood to attract kids. I think kids going home with hoops brought more back to us. The fire department showed up (just in time for fire hooping) And started hooping with us! They read about it in the Livonia paper!! And they want to be involved next year. They are clowns on their off time!! How awesome is that!We gave away 15 custom made hoops!!!! The kids were so excited!! I haven’t counted out how many small hoops we gave away, but there were quite a few.

And there are already plans in the works for next year.

And Doxie’s Report:

So another year of World Hoop Day has was 8.8.8 if you did not know…next year it will be 9.9.9 and yes last year it was 7.7.7!!it was a great day for hooping..even if the wind tried to blow Evol away!!

We gave away a ton of kid hoops and 15 custom built ones were raffled off to kids and adults! and the kids picked it up SO quick!! we pulled in kids from all over the hood….and yes now peach knows just how crazy I am ..though i like to think of it as determined ..cuz we cruised the hoods in my little red convertible and i went up to peoples houses where i saw kids outside and was giving away fliers!! and it WORKED!! …

Revolva was in from Portland to perform..Micha came in with her huge crew ( i love that woman) Faith did her awesome fire hooping !! with the Detroit Fire Department watching and their jaws agape! They showed up with a rig and got out and played!! One of them is a Detroit Fire Department Clown crew and wants to be involved next year…we even got the three other fire fighters to was a blast!!

video Revolva

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