Meet-Our-Grantees Global Lives Project

I’ll let one of our 2007 Grants-to-Artists matching grant recipients, tell you about their project in their own words.

The Global Lives Project is a collaborative effort of volunteers from around the world to build a video library of human life experience. Our content consists of uninterrupted 24-hour recordings of daily life of individuals selected to represent the diversity of human life on the planet. In collaboration with museums, universities and independent filmmakers in numerous countries, we are working to present this library as both a series of physical video installations and a free and interactive online video collection. We have already conducted recordings in Brazil, Malawi, Japan and the US, and plan an additional 6 shoots in 2008 and 2009.

The installation at the iCommons Summit in Sapporo, Japan featured 24 hours in the life of James Bullock, a cable car driver in San Francisco; Edith Kapuka, a junior high school student in rural Malawi, Rael Feliciano, a hip hop singer in Brazil; and Rumi Nagashima, a university student in Tokyo.

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