Welcome Kolios

Koilos by Michael Christian is being displayed by the Hayes Valley Art Coaltion on the Hayes Street Green, now known as “Patricia’s Green”.

In 2005, when the Green was dedicated, the San Francisco Art Commission asked the Black Rock Arts Foundation for its support in helping David Best and his crew build a temporary installation in the spirit of the Temples they had been building at Burning Man for several years, the Hayes Street Green Temple. Since then several temporary pieces of art have graced Patricia’s Green. I think Kolios looks fabulous here!

In addition there have been several other temporary art installations on Patricia’s Green: www.patriciawalkup.org/green.html http://www.thewowhaus.com/CURRENT/minigolf/mingolf.html


In addition, as part of the Black Rock Arts Foundation Civic Arts Program, Michael Christian displayed his sculpture Flock in front of City Hall in San Francisco.

So welcome Kolios to San Francisco, we love to see gorgeous pubic, temporary art gracing our city.

photo: Michael Strickland

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