Elemental Interactions – Earth

Don’t miss the third event in our new lecture series, Elemental Interactions. In appreciation of our members and donors, we’ve designed these informal evenings to explore topics of art, science and civic participation. Enjoy demos, talks and performances at the eclectic Burning Man headquarters. Our first events, FIRE! and AIR!, were incredibly enjoyable evenings for all, full of captivating speakers and entertaining demonstrations, as well as opportunities to meet and connect with our members and donors. Join us for Elemental Interactions: EARTH!
October 2, at 6:30 pm
Burning Man/BRAF Headquarters
1900 3rd StreetSan Francisco, Ca 94158

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Elemental Interactions: EARTH! will explore the qualities of the earth as inspiration for art and action.
The event will feature these exciting guests:

Hosted by Larry Harvey
In 1986, Larry organized the first Burning Man at a local beach, and the event was born. Larry is currently executive director of the Burning Man Project and the President of the Board of the Black Rock Arts Foundation. He also serves as chairman of Burning Man’s senior staff and Black Rock City LLC, its executive committee, co-chairs the organization’s Art Department, scripts and co-curates Burning Man’s annual art theme, and collaborates with artists in creating aspects of the art theme and the design of Black Rock City.

Screen shot from Burning Man Earth

Artist and Burning Man Earth Developer, Andrew Johnstone, http://www.adjohnstone.com/ At Burning Man, we strive to ‘leave no trace” upon the playa, but when it comes to leaving our historical record, we owe history an accurate record as possible of the event that has come to mean so much to us. Burning Man Earth will attempt to archive the event “in amber” by employing a banquet of various geo tagged media and information, from maps, photos and video, to exotics such as gigapan, gps tracks, 3d models, hi res aerial and even soundscapes. It can further be employed as a framework to a geo referenced social network and participant planning tool.

Kevin Drew and Shawn Rosenmoss, Compost Gurus from the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

Kevin Drew has been working in resource conservation and community organizing in SF for 3 decades. He helped start the Red Vic Movie House, Building Resources and the Presidio Recycling Center, managed HANC Recycling in Golden Gate Park and coordinated the deconstruction and salvage of 200,000 board feet of old growth lumber from Army buildings at Crissy Field in the Presidio. He is currently Residential and Special Projects Zero Waste Coordinator at San Francisco’s Department of Environment.

Shawn Rosenmoss has a degree in engineering from LSU and has extensive background in circus arts, engineering, street performance and grant writing and making. She has displayed her peculiar brand of snarky attitude and waxes pedantic at numerous workplaces, cafes, schools and public spaces in San Francisco for 2 dozen years. Shawn is currently Manager of Grants and Fundraising at the EcoCenter at the San Francisco’s Department of Environment.

The SF Department of the Environment is a major funder of BRAF’s Scrapeden program.

Sculpture by Osha Neumann
Attorney and Artist, Osha Neumann
Osha Neumann is a sculptor, muralist, writer and a lawyer. In the 1960’s, Osha was a key player in the New York’s famous anarchist affinity group, ‘Up Against the Wall Motherf**kers’. His memoir of this time of his life, ‘Up Against the Wall otherf**ker’ was published by Seven Story Press.Later he moved to San Francisco was inspired by the city’s many murals. Osha painted murals practiced law in the East Bay for the next 30 years. He became well-known for his ‘Lawyer in a Box’ booth at Berkeley’s weekly Ashby Flea Market, where he offers very cheap 30 minute consultations.He focused much of his legal work on advocating for the homeless, and through the representation of one of his clients, Jimbow the Hobo, he became acquainted with the many residents of the Albany Landfill, or ‘The Bulb’, where Jimbow lived for 8 years before he faced eviction. Over the years the Albany Landfill, essentially a dump, has become the home of many who cannot or choose not to live in traditional housing. The land has also transformed into a haven for artists, as well as into a venue for their artwork, who use found-object and reclaimed materials in their art. Since 1999, Osha has worked alongside the ‘SNIFF’ artists, a collective responsible for much of the art at the Bulb, in the creation of numerous sculptures using only materials he’s found at the landfill. Osha has written numerous articles about the landfill, its art, and the continuing struggle to shape its future.

BRAF members and donors come for free! We want to meet you again and show our appreciation for your support. Stay tuned for our next Elemental Interaction in February: WATER!Feel free to spread the word as anyone is welcome to attend. A donation of $10.00 is suggested for non-members.

If you know anyone who wants to become a BRAF member, this is a great opportunity to make this event the first of many enjoyable benefits. Please ask them to contact info @blackrockarts.org  (info @blackrockarts.org)   , call (415) 626-1248, or visit Memberships at BRAF for details about joining our community.

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