Fire at the Detroit Dream Project – Temple

Hello and Greetings, We are sad to tell you that someone set fire to the Detroit Dream Projects –Temple to the American Dream on September 2. The Temple is still standing but has sustained some damage.

Around 9pm that evening a guy was in the park and it appears he may have thrown an accelerant on the back post and set it on fire.

Some locals from the neighborhood saw what happened and quickly hosed the Temple down and from what I am told the neighbors let this guy know in no uncertain terms that he is not welcome back in the area!

We are all very appreciative and in debt to these Good Samaritans!

At this time we are determining what action needs to be taken to repair the damage and may need some assistance i.e. some good old fashioned community elbow grease and general support once a plan of action has been made.

We are obviously very disappointed by this unfortunate situation, but like the Phoenix from the Ashes we will regenerate and rebuild. Did you know our logo is the Phoenix rising over the city of Detroit?

And that is what we plan to do this coming Sunday, September 14, 2008 at the Temple site located at 17363 Redford Street, Detroit Michigan, next to the Motor City Blight Busters Head Quarters from 12 noon til after dark so we can get some fire performing in hopefully!

We will be hosting an informal workday and potluck fundraiser that day to help assist us in repairing the damage to the back post of the structure.

Won’t you come out?!

Your presence and support would be very appreciated! If you can come out to help or just enjoy the day with us at the site we would be very happy to have the company! Any help will be put to good use! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me (313.608.4580) or any member of SPARC through the website. Thank you on behalf of SPARC and the Detroit Dream Project!

Danielle Kaltz (~doxie)

The Black Rock Arts Foundation would like to thank Doxie for all of her work in gathering both the local Burning Man Community and other local people who have been dedicated to making the Detroit Dream Project thrive, and SPARC and to the Motor City Blight Busters for all of their help and support in helping repair the Temple. I made a donation this morning and I hope you will too!

Financial Donations:

Please be sure to specify “Detroit Temple” in the COMMENTS area.

In-kind Donations:

All contributions (including equipment and monetary donations), may beconsidered tax deductible contributions and would be greatlyappreciated. Contribute to the Detroit Dream Project and help make alasting impact on the landscape and spirit of this community.

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