“His & Her” Line in the Middle

His & Her Line in the Middle
Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg

Opening Reception:
March 18th, 6pm
Project One Gallery
251 Rhode Island, San Francisco
March 18-April 18, 2009

“His & Her: Line in the Middle” represents the first time Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg are exhibiting their own unique art, side by side, and not as a collaboration. Figuratively and metaphorically, they are drawing a line between their individual artistic styles. There is a strong contrast of visual style present in their artwork — Kimpton’s conceptual-based encaustic panels on one side, and Schomberg’s metallic steel sculptures on the other. The strength and power of the exhibition is the coming together two diverse artistic worlds in a separate context. The exhibition presents visually a logical evolution of their individual artistic style, talent, and philosophy. Artistically, they have grown together in creative collaboration, and now in this breakout exhibition, all that separates their art is a thin “Line in the Middle”.

Laura Kimpton has been widely exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The two artists have collaborated on several major art installations over the past five years. Kimpton/Schomberg collaborative sculptures have been featured in exhibitions for galleries, museums, benefits, and public spaces. Together they have received three prestigious Art Grants for site installations at Burning Man in Nevada. Their collaborative work is varied and includes welded steel and found object creations conceptualized by Kimpton and built by Schomberg. Their large sculptures were often part of colossal installations and included dramatic elements of fire and water. Many of these acclaimed sculptures are now in private collections.

Exhibit Curated by Brooke Waterhouse, Project One
Press Release Written by Jaz Fabry, Art Advisor

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