Aeolian Ride

photo by: Jill Nussbaum Capetown South Africa 2005

photo by: Carine Zaayman
photo: Megan Anton
photo: Jessica Findley (Across the beloved Brooklyn Bridge, that’s her Dad bringing up the rear)
photo: Jessica Findley THE RIDE BEGINS!@ 84th + Riverside 50 suited bikers hit the Greenway.
photo: Jessica Findley
You are now entering the Wayback Machine. Time to tell you once again about one of our early grant recipients, and what she is doing now.

In 2004, as part of our Grants-to-Artists Program, the Black Rock Arts Foundation gave Jessica Findley $1,000 to support her first Aeolian Ride in New York, New York.

AEOLIAN: Relating to or caused by wind + RIDE: To be carried or conveyed or travel over a surface.

Jessica Findley’s Aeolian Ride is a Public Happening of kinetic art involving 50 costumed bicycle riders. This Happening is intentionally silly, intended to inspire laughter from both participants and onlookers alike.

The Aeolian Ride gets its inspiration, quite literally, from the greek god of the wind. Each participant wears a suit that puffs up when they ride looking like creatures from children’s fairy tales, the softness of clouds, or the ethereal quality of a sail catching wind. The ride also fosters interaction between the individual and his or her environment, supporting the animated experience of riding a bicycle in an urban area in a way that invites union of the excitement and playful energy of both riders and spectators.

The Aeolian Ride packs down into 50 easily transported suits which made their debut in New York and then were invited to make their international debut in Capetown, South Africa in November of 2005. The suits are made of rip-stop nylon, designed to be safe and to allow riders to wear their helmets. Patterns for three suits are available online!
Check it out, watch the video of the first Aeolian Ride!
THE FIRST AEOLIAN RIDE NEW YORK from sonicribbon on Vimeo.

There have been several Aeolian Rides:
NEW YORK 09.08.07
MILANO, ITALY 11.27.08, and coming up in a few weeks,
TOKYO, JAPAN 05.16.09

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