BRAF’s Volunteer Coordinators

So I have been thinking that y’all need to get to know us a little better over here at the Black Rock Arts Foundation, or as we like to call it, “BRAF”. I understand that a lot of the information that I am going to tell you is in fact on the BRAF website but I am hoping it will be fun and easy to learn new things about us in our new blog series “Moment of BRAF.”

So pull up a chair and here we go…Moment of BRAF.

We have not had a “volunteer coordinator” position at BRAF previously, and now we have decided we need two, Isabel Santis and Kai Wilson. Our Volunteer Coordinators will help us find new volunteers, improve our volunteer in-take process, help us make sure that our volunteers are the right fit, and help train our volunteers as we need them.

So just in case you have been thinking you might want to volunteer for BRAF Isabel and Kai are at the ready to respond to your email about the kind of volunteers that BRAF is looking for, and to read more about our volunteer needs, check them our right here:


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