Support Interactive Art!!

2008 Grants-to-Artists Recipients – Primal Source and Language of the Birds
Last month the Black Rock Arts Foundation received 267 requests for grants from our annual “Grants to Artists” Program. The program assists artists in creating interactive art and civic participation in their communities and we want to support as many of these brilliant “art instigators” as possible.
How can you help?
We want to raise $5,000 this week! We are celebrating our 1,000 member on our Facebook Causes page, check it out!
Please consider donating $10 or more now, and yes, it is tax deductible.
Our “Grants to Artists” Committee has been working non-stop, pouring through the applications, and will make their final selection by May 15th!
More money, more art in the world!

photos: Andrew Rollinger, Steve Rhodes

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