Cardboardia Emerges

CardboardTown will be from 8 till 14 june here, under big sign, over stone fence
m. Krapotkinskaja, Bersenevskaja riverside
photos: cardboardia
photos: Kryakva

Cardboardia is one of our 2009 Grants-to-Artists recipients. Yesterday was the starting day of their first summer 2009 build and it looks pretty fun. Stay tuned for more locations as the summer proceeds.

Cardbordia ‘towns’ are temporary, collaboratively built and inhabited towns manifesting in Moscow, Russian, Finland and Germany in the summer of 2009. Carboardia is, in essence, a role playing community, where guests can create a new identity while contributing to the growth of the town, using cardboard as their expressive and artistic medium. Every town created under the Cardboardia title is a place where people can reinvent themselves – where, for a short time, everyone can leave behind their daily worries through new ways of self-expression.

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