Celtic Forest will be rockin’ Summer and Fall

Here are some additional photos from the Opening Reception from Celtic Forest: Book of the Raven. Reno is looking forward to much more fire and performance to come.

Maria Partridge tells us:
On Tuesday and Friday evenings; Celtic Forest in downtown Reno has had 125 plus people in attendance… they are enjoying the art with flame effects, the music by DJ’s and fabulous fire spinning by Controlled Burn from 8:30-10pm. We will continue this until mid August…resuming mid Sept after BM. We also have live music on Sunday afternoons from 2-5 pm…with 50-75 people on average. As you know, Celtic Forest is in the same vacant lot that the Mangrove was in last year. This lot is slated to be developed eventually BUT…wouldn’t it be cool if INSTEAD…a downtown lot, like what we are using right now, was turned into a Downtown Reno Arts Coalition like the Hayes Valley Art Coalition

photos: Mark Hammon http://www.truckeerivergallery.com/

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