Reno loves Celtic Forest: Book of the Raven

Tell us about Celtic Forest photo: Loren Carpenter

The Centaur photo: Wayneco
Controlled Burn, the Reno Fire Performers were fabulous photo: Bill Kositzky
And there was live music as well as a DJ later in the evening photo: Bill Kositzky
What a great crowd, and it only got larger as the evening progressed photo: Bill Kositzky
The Riverwalk is a beautiful setting for this art photo: Laura Kimpton
Treeables photo: Wayneco
The Book of Raven photo: Bill Kositzky
Artists Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg (missing Bob Hoffman, Antonio Ruperto) photo: affinity
The people who made it happen: Crimson Rose and Maria Partridge photo: affinity
The Crew and the Artists photo: affinity

The Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) was rocking on Friday night in Reno.

What a great opening celebration and fun time was had by all at the installation for Celtic Forest; Book of the Raven, which is part of BRAF’s Civic Arts Program, in downtown Reno. It is the first installation of its kind to have Flame Effects on a regular basis. The crowd loved the art, the fire, the community, the music both live and with a DJ. So many people have helped to bring this art to fruition and the Black Rock Arts Foundation could not have done it without their help. From the local burners, city officials, vendors that gave freely of their services, to the locals that came to appreciate the art & fire. One of the Black Rock Arts Foundation’s own Advisory Board members, Maria Partridge so totally rocked with her energy and creativity. Thank you Maria.

Here’s the link to the RGJ article Friday, June 26.

We also had a listing on the calendar page for the opening event. On the TV side we were told we had coverage on Ch 2 News @ 5pm and I believe Ch 4. showed some footage from the opening.

Crimson Rose

For photos from Bill Kositzky:
For photos from Anna Wright:

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