Live Debris – Portland Oregon

One of our 2009 Grants-to-Artists recipients, Live Debris is hosting an event on Portland’s Eastbank Esplanade on September 19th…

What: Live Debris presents installations and interventions about garbage and social inclusion, from Rio de Janeiro and Portland, Oregon.

When: September 19-26, 2009.
All day opening event on September 19th, works on display until September 26th.
Installations will start to be built on September 17th

Where: Between Burnside and Hawthorne along Portland’s Eastbank Esplanade.

Live Debris 2009 is a series of international events sharing reuse traditions as a means of reducing stigmas around garbage, poverty and street culture. Live Debris has taken place in Beirut, Lebanon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and now Portland, Oregon. Exchanging and comparing world perspectives on garbage and the people who work closely with it, Live Debris explores ways that collaborative reuse can affect how we see garbage and each other. This event is organized by Taylor Cass Stevenson of red semilla roja, with help from Portland City Art, the Black Rock Arts Foundation, Outside In, Chinook Book and Oregon Electric Group.

Opening Schedule- September 19, 2009: 9am
Free Breakfast. Bring a mug if you want coffee 12-1pm
Trashtastic garbage-related performances 1-2pm
Trash Mash-Up Parade All Day (10am-5pm):
Clothing Exchange- bring used clothes
Sewing Station – transforming old t-shirts into bags, bring t-shirts
Garbage Weaving -bring clean trash
Public Paste-Up wall- make a contribution with paper
Public Crafting Party – bring a craft project

Taylor Cass Stevenson

(503) 888-6175

livedebris  (livedebris

Local artists involved: Anitra Cameron, Basurama and Noaz (Spain), Caveman, Cheryl Lohrmann, Chris Haberman, Christine Claringbold, Dana Fenwick, Daniel Dancer, Heather Schmidt, Jason Brown, John Graeter, Josh Seaman, Katherine Ball, Klutch, Leah Bobel, P:ear youth, Rebecca Pearcy, Ruth Waddy, Ryan Birkland, Ryan Burns, Taylor Cass Stevenson, Tim Combs and Vicky Dekney

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