“The Work Office”

One of our 2009 Grantees, “The Work Office”, a participatory performance inspired by the Work Projects Administration (WPA) during the Great Depression caught the attention of Boing Boing this week. Check it out! Our Prior Post

Installing the “Tree Spire” in Reno

The TREE SPIRE Tabasco, T-Bone, Dave Moore, Maria Partridge, Richard Johnson, Crimson Rose and Stacey Spain Sunday, finishing the details photos: Crimson Rose And then the sunset came signalling the end of this day of installation Saturday installation photos: Crimson Rose Installation of the Tree Spire in Whitaker Park, Reno, NV photos: Maria Partridge RENO, NV – Previously exhibited at…Keep reading >>

See Celtic Forest Soon!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZz2xLXEdYk] If you have not been by to experience the Celtic Forest in Reno lately, now is the time. Watch the video clip above to get a better feel for how fabulous it is. Maria Partridge, Black Rock Arts Foundation Advisory Board Member, who keeps Celtic Forest running, sent us the following: Celtic Forest in downtown Reno is still going…Keep reading >>

We are excited to tell you that our very own Josie Schimke, Program and Development Assistant at the Black Rock Arts Foundation is a panelist tomorrow at Meet the Grantmakers: Funding Opportunities for Individual Artists at the Foundation Center. photo: http://theblight.net/

The Culture Labs Invite You To Participate at SF’s Decompression

The Culture Labs at Burning Man 2009 This year at Burning Man, the various outreach groups of Burning Man (Black Rock Arts Foundation, Burners Without Borders, The Regional Network and Black Rock Solar) teamed up to create a unified presence on the playa-The Culture Labs. This year at San Francisco’s Decompression, The Culture Labs will once again host an interactive…Keep reading >>

Culture Labs at Burning Man 2009

Playing Exquisite Corpse at the Culture Labs on the Playa. The microscope and petri dish were great fun, and there is Freddy Hahne, the President of our Board hanging out with some visitor! And there we all were! There was information everywhere! A poster of the “American Dream Temple” in Detroit The campers who made the “Culture Lab” run this…Keep reading >>