Installing the “Tree Spire” in Reno


Tabasco, T-Bone, Dave Moore, Maria Partridge, Richard Johnson, Crimson Rose and Stacey Spain
Sunday, finishing the details photos: Crimson Rose
And then the sunset came signalling the end of this day of installation
Saturday installation photos: Crimson Rose
Installation of the Tree Spire in Whitaker Park, Reno, NV photos: Maria Partridge
RENO, NV – Previously exhibited at Burning Man in 2007, and then in Reno last fall as part of “The Mangrove”, the 15-foot steel tree called “Tree Spire” is now a permanent sculpture in Whitaker Park in old northwest Reno.

“Tree Spire” was designed by David “Tabasco” Mills and the Iron Monkeys out of Seattle.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation received a $5,000 public art challenge grant, which they had to double, to pay for the artwork and installation. City Councilman Dave Aiazzi gave $1,000 and his ward’s 5 neighborhood advisory boards gave $4,000.

They have installed the Tree Spire, and we have a few photos so you can see the process. First the concrete was poured, the tree base was leveled and then Erika a Controlled Burn stilt walker balanced on a 2×4 that was laid across and above the concrete. Councilman Dave Aiazzi was there…his wife, daughter in law and grandkids came by to play in the park during one morning!

Richard says that an art installation is like a “building marathon”.
Saturday dawned and more welding was done, fitting the bench and securing the bench around the tree, then the branches were secured and the electricity went into place. The final day was spent finishing attaching the final branches and lanterns. As the sun set on the beautiful fall day the Tree Spire stood tall and complete in the Reno sun.
T-Bone aka Anthony Moulton
Dave Moore
Maria Partridge
Crimson Rose
Stacey Spain
Richard Johnson
Bill Schultz
Dave Kaul
Dave Aiazzi
Erika Wesnousky

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