Carmel Dunlap, BRAF Advisory Board Member and Tomas McCabe BRAF Executive Director, Burning Man 2009

Carmel Dunlap is the youngest member of the Black Rock Arts Foundation Advisory Board. She is an innovative, creative activist. In 2008 Carmel and Ayeen Telopa organized TRASH to TREASURES, a recycled fashion show featuring clothes they created. They raised hundreds of dollars for the Rock Papers Scissors Collective in Oakland. For their creativity and effectiveness, Carmel & Ayeen received the Innovation Award for 2008.

This summer Carmel went to South America, interning with an environmental group in Quito that is involved in representing indigenous people in the Amazon. This is what Derek Sabori, the Volcom V.Co-Logical Society, Environmental Affairs Division, General Manager had to say about Carmel.

Carmel was a Ambassador for us last summer – Traveling, experiencing, learning and sharing. Carmel is in her last year of high school and sets the standard for youth activists, getting out there, getting involved and doing something about it. Check out Carmel’s blog and get inspired. Share this with as many youngsters as possible; we need more Carmel’s out there…

photo: affinity

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