Tree Spire Dedication in Reno


Check out the City of Reno Video, it is fabulous!

Tree Spire Dedication – Thursday December 10, 2009

A snowy winter day in Reno, the sun was shining and it was a perfect moment.

Positive remarks were given by: Councilman Dave Aiazzi, Arts & Culture Commission Chair John Shelton and City of Reno’s Director of Parks, Recreation & Community Services, Julee Conway. The Mayor Robert Cashell was scheduled to appear but was consumed with meetings. These three officials really had great things to say about BRAF and the good work that we are doing with the art, it was a love fest. I spoke and thanked them all for their creative support and BRAF looks forward to creating more art with the City of Reno. When I was done speaking I started to walk away when Dave Aiazzi said they were not done. I was presented with a glass
plaque awarded to BRAF from the City of Reno, which states . . .

“Presented to Black Rock Arts Foundation, In Appreciation for your
Creative Work and Outstanding Contribution on Tree Spire for the City of Reno Public Art program”

Others present at the Dedication were: Christine Fey, Stacey Spain, Maria Partridge, Richard Johnson, Sue Vaughan, staff from Park & Recreation and many other burners.

And then there was a Thank You Party for the Artists and Crew of the Celtic Forest & Tree Spire. The 21st Amendment has been so supportive so we chose to party there and we had munchies and drinks for a crowd of 20 – 30. Jonboy from Fernley Electric, Dave Aiazzi, Barry Scott welder for Tree Spire as well as a majority of burners showed up to celebrate and raise a glass.

Another Surprise happened when the Mayor Robert Cashell showed up, shook my hand and apologized several times that he was sorry that he missed the dedication. The love fest just keeps coming.

Crimson Rose
Fire Goddess by Night
Art Director by Day

Photos of the dedication can be found at this link

photos: Larry DeVincenzi

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