Hayes Valley Welcomes Ecstasy!

In February, during the installation of Ecstasy, we stopped by to say Hi, sans camera, to Karen Cusolito and her crew who were doing the installation. Feeling foolish, on my job and my joy with no way to take photos who do I run into but a woman on a bike with a gorgeous camera, who of course goes to Burning Man and knows Dan and Karen’s work. So I introduced myself and Kristin said she would be happy to get a few shots of the installation, and try to include one of Karen and her crew. So here are the photos, just in time for a final reminder of the “Opening Reception” this Friday:

March 19, 2010
Patricia’s Green
at Octavia and Hayes Streets
San Francisco, CA
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

We will have music, IGBA MMOH African Drummers and Gaucho Gypsy Jazz, and celebrate together!

The neighborhood continues to welcome Ecstasy. Besides all the great photos on flickr, they’re blogging about Ecstasy out there! How fun is that? Clearly the neighborhood loves her, and it looks to me like she is loving them back. So if you want to read how San Francisco and especially Hayes Valley is falling in love with Ecstasy, read these!

Happy Rusty Friday

Today’s Walk 6 March 2010

photos: Kristin’s flickr set
Kristin Tieche Selvavision
Content for Sustainable Living
Vélo Vogue
Where the bike lane meets the runway

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