Celebrating Duel Nature

Although it was one of the coldest June 21sts in recorded history in Reno Nevade, the opening celebration for Duel Nature was fabulous.
There were hoopers…
There were “Thank Yous”…Thank you Maria Partridge for making this happen, thank you Kate Raudenbush for creating such fabulous art and thank you Crimson Rose for continuing to support the link between Burning Man, the Black Rock Arts Foundation, Reno Nevada and public art.
Thanks from Kate to Dave Aiazzi, all around renaissance man, crew member, electrician and Commissioner and Reno City Councilman.
Thanks to Spaceman for all the work he did installing Duel Nature, and thanks to all the crew not pictured here for making this happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks for representing the Black Rock Arts Foundation, Crimson Rose, Maria Partridge and surveyor and amazing crew member, Richard Johnson.

There was Controlled Burn
and the Black Rock Arts Foundation volunteers were well represented by Larry DeVincenzi, Public Relations, Maria Partridge, everything else and Affinity the BRAF blogger.

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photos: : Larry DeVincenzi

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