ScrapEden Collaborates with Levi Strauss & Co’s Community Day

photos: Scatha G Allison
Stage Background crafted by BRAF Volunteers photo: Miranda Caroligne

On Cinco de Mayo, the Black Rock Arts Foundation joined in celebration of Levi Strauss & Co.’s “Community Day”

Each year, Levi Strauss and Co. organizes their 1,100 San Francisco headquarter employees to venture into their communities and volunteer for one of their more than 24 local nonprofit partners. This year, the company also wanted to use this day of action and celebration of
volunteerism to highlight its commitment to sustainability, focusing on the reuse and recycling of the materials and natural resources the company uses to make its products.

That’s where BRAF comes in! BRAF brought our Scrap Eden sensibilities and aesthetic to the event, helping to infuse the day’s entertainment, activities and ambience with an over-arching message of re-use, community engagement, and fun!

During the volunteer experience, local designers and artists led a crew of Levi’s employees in a mass production of dog beds, all made from reclaimed denim, that were then either auctioned off to raise money for charities, or donated to PAWS, a volunteer-based organization that provides for the comprehensive needs of companion animals for persons with HIV/AIDS, other disabling illnesses, and senior citizens.

For the celebration part of the day, BRAF commissioned local artists to create patch-worked stage backdrops, performer costumes and décor using scraps of denim and leftover garment samples that would otherwise go to waste.

The BRAF team also rewarded the hard working crew of volunteers with another playful way of raising money for charities; ‘Pantzooka!’ Participants shot reclaimed garments with an air cannon in this carnival-like shooting gallery, hitting targets that won the 24 charities (including BRAF!) even more donations from Levi’s!

This event was a great way for BRAF to engage with our community, share the Burning Man ethos, spread our mission, provide opportunites for artists and raise funds for other projects all at the same time!

Many thanks to the participating artists, performers and organizers!

$teven Raspa, Creative Director
Marcia Crosby, Decor Manager
Miranda Caroligne, created backdrops and lead volunteers in creation of dog beds
Scatha G Allison, Silver Lucy, Tamo Hulva of Tamo Design, and Elina Tachkova, all assisted volunteers sewing dog beds
Bad Unkl Sista, stilt-walker costuming
– Jonathan Youtt and Veronica Ramirez, Pantzooka barkers
Bronkar Lee, Emcee
– Latin grooves by DJ Laird
Mariachi Colima, traditional mariachi music
Super Gigi and Sandra Lerner, extravagant body-painting art
– Levi Strauss & Co!

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