1000 Pieces Erected at FIGMENT

Before FIGMENT this year we told you about one of the Black Rock Arts Foundation’s 2010 grant recipients 1000 Pieces. They sent us some photos and an update and we thought you might like to hear what they had to say:

I wanted to send you over a few shots of the project at Figment. I’d say it was a huge success for our collective! It is arguably the most participatory project we’ve done to date, and it was amazing to work with the kids in the schools. I hope we can keep on creating more community building projects. It really adds a lot to the sense of fulfillment that we feel when we make our art.

I want to take this opportunity to, again, thank you and everyone at BRAF for your support. It is an honor to be working with you guys. Please pass that on, on behalf of all of Animus.

Prior Post and Video About 1000 Pieces

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