Shout Out to DIY Bike Lovers

We got this note from note from one of our Black Rock Arts Foundation 2011 Grant Recipients, BOOM Parade and thought you might be interested in helping out…

Greetings Fellow DIY Bike Lovers

i built a bike at the LA bicycle kitchen. i believe bikes mixed with a little magic can transform lives. i’m writing to ask y’all to donate some magic.

Burning Man’s non-profit Black Rock Arts Foundation is providing seed funding for a ghetto art-bike, art-car parade. The at-risk, struggling residents of Bayview Hunters Point are the designers and riders of the parade vehicles– they are the stars. It’s called the Bayview BOOM, and it will wind it’s LOUD, musical way through the projects and hoods of these neighborhoods in October 2011. This First Annual parade is a seed for bigger and better BOOMs in years to come. Bayview Hunters Point Radio Network

We’re asking you experienced bike mechanics to spend a little time this summer helping youths in the hood create their art-bikes. We seek project leaders and mentors.

Leaders: We seek six part-time volunteer wizards to oversee the creation of a Bicycle Pantry, a summer-long art-bike clinic in Bayview Hunters Point. Areas include designing the clinic, procuring lent/donated bike tools, procuring donated bikes and parts, managing donated bikes and parts, and recruiting volunteer mentors, and scheduling volunteer mentors. Each leader has a 1 to 2 month commitment.

Mentors: We seek lots and lots of bike folks to donate one or more half-days this summer to mentor young people. You will help them build their art-bikes. As a guy who taught recording studio to kids in Bayview last year, I can tell you it was an amazing experience. A lot of talent lives in the Southeast Sector.

Ideas: We welcome all suggestions and advice!

Funds: If “YOU” are able to donate any funds to the BOOM, that would be deeply appreciated, and much valued. We have an eentsy-weentsy budget at the moment. Your funds could be targeted to whatever purpose you choose: Award for Best Art Bike in our awards ceremony, quality bike parts or tools for participants, pimp-art supplies (freaky shizzle that gives bikes ultra-snazzle), bike sound-systems, Art Bike Design Grants (we are giving a limited number of mini-grants to fund individual bike-artists), the general parade fund (for everything from printing to sound systems), etc….. We’d be honored to call the Bike Kitchen a partner.

Many sincere thanks to the Bike Kitchen for being such an awesome role-model, and a great resource for SF!

-johny radio

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