Party at Everywhere!

BRAF throws quite a party on the Playa! Hope you got to stop by and say Hi!
Rachel Carpenter and Nick Morgan from our Board of Directors

Nick Morgan and Joe Olivier, Joe is the Treasurer of the Board
Elba, Dolores Huerta and Brooke Oliver, BRAF attorney, enjoying the party
Maria Partridge and Affinity
The Partiers
More Partiers
JennyBird and Miss Kelly
Maia Anthea Marinelli, one of our 2011 grant recipients in front of a model of her Wind Playground
Crimson Rose, Board of Directors and Affinity
Tomas, our Executive Director, Rae Richman, BRAF Advisory Board Member and Syn enjoying themselves
Rod, Chris Brick and Josie having a little fun
Freddy Hahne, President of our Board of Directors
Eli Peterson works for BRAF and he looked extra special for the occasion
Moze, Barbarino and Joe, having a drink I suspect
Our ever generous supporters the Bentlys, Chris in on the Board of Directors

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