Before I Die…

On Tuesday, May 1st The Black Rock Arts Foundation proudly announced the installation of artist Candy Chang’s interactive mural, Before I Die… at two locations in downtown Reno.

More photos and video by Mark Hammon after the jump:

Chang’s Before I Die… murals are approximately 40 feet wide by eight feet tall. Walls are painted with black chalkboard paint. Stenciled on the walls is the phrase “Before I Die I want to __________,” dozens of times. Using the chalk provided, people may write in their response to the prompt. The resulting completed phrases vary greatly, reflecting the diversity of the participating individuals. The phrases are playful, somber, hopeful, healing, joyful, introspective, humorous, moving, and everywhere in between, but all hold the commonality of poignant honesty.

Before I Die… is an interactive public art project that transforms neglected spaces into public venues for constructive conversation and empowering self-expression. The evolving nature of this piece gradually reveals the hopes and dreams of the community. The piece emerges slowly over time, beginning as a small collection of individual responses, but quickly becoming a visual representation of many voices, all expressing very human hopes and concerns.

In collaboration with BRAF’s Civic Arts program, Chang produced a mural at Sierra St and Island Avenue, and another in front of Apex Products at 415 East Fourth Street in Reno, Nevada. They will be on display, for the benefit of the community, for at least the next six months. This is BRAF’s sixth public art installation produced in collaboration with the Reno community and with the support of the City of Reno Arts and Culture Commission.

Be sure to visit and contribute to the two Before I Die… installations in Reno (at Sierra Arts and on 4th Street). It’s an inspirational exercise for people of all ages. You might also consider adding your expression of “Before I die I want to ____” in the comments below!

Our deepest gratitude to Maria Partridge, our Advisory Board Member, Larry DeVincenzi, our Reno Public Relations Expert, The Nevada Museum of Art, and The City of Reno Arts and Culture Commission for their generous grant. We’d also like to express our appreciation to all the volunteers who came out for the installation. Thank you for making this excellent piece happen!

We have heard a rumor that there just might be a Before I Die… wall at an undisclosed temporary city in the northern Nevada desert this summer. hmmm….

For more information about this inspiring project, check out BRAF’s website and the Black Rock Arts Foundation – Reno Facebook Page.

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