The Bike Bridge: So Close!


We have art. We have a place to put it. We have 12 extraordinary young artists worth celebrating. All we need now is a few more dollars to make it happen!

By now you’ve heard of our project The Bike Bridge. We can’t say enough about this project, and it’s so close to becoming a reality. The City of Oakland has approved the installation of the sculpture in a new park on Telegraph Avenue, between 19th and 20th Streets, adjacent to the beautifully renovated Fox Theater.

An image of the location of the future Uptown Meritt Art Park: a vacant lot.

This vacant lot will be the site of the Uptown Merritt Art Park, where we will install the Bike Bridge

We’re so close to making The Bike Bridge a reality. Make a pledge to the project’s new Kickstarter campaign and get cool special gifts! Every dollar helps!

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About the project

The sculpture was created by 12 young women from Oakland schools, mentored by local artist Michael Christian, well known for his large scale metal works displayed at Burning Man. We partnered with The Crucible to teach the young women welding and art-bike creation. These courses imparted the skills needed to undertake the creation of a large-scale work of art. Working together, the youth designed and fabricated a sculpture using reclaimed bicycle parts. The entire process was incredibly collaborative and the results are inspiring!

Watch a great video about the young artists and their creation at
A Bike Bridge project participant works on the piece Another Bike Bridge project participant working on the piece

Why give?

Limited edition print of Christian's Flock drawing


For those of you who joined us in Black Rock City, you know that art has the potential to bring people together in the spirit of creativity, wonder and community pride. Help BRAF share the benefit of interactive art with the rest of the world.

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  • BRAF Stickers, T-Shirts and Hoodies.
  • A limited edition signed print of Michael Christian’s Flock
  • Your name on a plaque at the sculpture site!
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The Kazbus

These talented young artists deserve recognition. Thank you for joining us in celebration of their achievements!



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