BRAF announces Big News!

Dear Black Rock Arts Foundation Supporters, Artists and Collaborators,

I write you with possibly our biggest news to date! Today, the Black Rock Arts Foundation is proud to announce that, after years of planning and preparation, BRAF will join forces with the Black Rock City Art Department creating the new Burning Man Arts program of the Burning Man Project. From this day on, BRAF will continue it’s programming as a subsidiary of the Burning Man Project!

This is fantastic news for our artists, donors and entire community. This joining of forces will allow us to provide more streamlined services to artists and to produce more interactive, community-driven art projects worldwide.

Read the full press release, here. 

We’ve worked hard to ensure that this transition will be seamless to our artists and donors. Our current funded artists will still receive the same support, funding and services we’ve committed to providing, and any donations made to BRAF projects will still fund those projects.

We’re sure you have more questions! To learn more read our F.A.Q., here.

Although we are always grateful for your support, now is a particularly meaningful moment for us to extend our thanks to you. Thank you for accompanying BRAF on our journey thus far. We promise that the next leg of the journey, as Burning Man Arts, will be even more exciting, fruitful and revolutionary!

Our sincerest thanks,

Tomas McCabe
Executive Director
Black Rock Arts Foundation


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