Artumnal Gathering 2014 Auction & Gallery


The 8th Annual Artumnal Gathering will feature a stunning variety of art and other unique experiences and objects from some of the most vibrant creative people in our community in our live and silent auctions.  This page lists just a sample of what will be available at the event but feel free to reach out to us at artumnal if you would like to place a proxy or advance bid on any of these items.

Other artists and creators contributing work to the event include Peter Hudson, David Best, Katy Boynton, and many more!


Guided Playa Art Tour

Many of us return from the playa only to discover online brilliant images of artwork we missed experiencing at Burning Man.  This is your chance to explore the art of Black Rock City in 2015 with an expert. Win this auction, and Associate Director of Art Management Elizabeth Scarborough aka BettieJune, will share her insights and stories about your future favorite art pieces during this specially curated art tour. The tour is for up to 6 people and we are including a pair of tickets to Burning Man with the item so that you and somebody special will definitely get be able to attend.

BettieJune Headshot

Photo Credit: John Curley

Michael Garlington Photo Sitting

Have a personalized photo shoot with Michael Garlington! The Petaluma-based renowned installation artist, sculptor and photographer is well known for his elaborately constructed and staged photographs presented in detailed sculptural frames and contexts.  Tap into your creative spirit and together with Michael create a memorable portrait of your wildest dreams.  This package includes a photo sitting at Michael’s studio shot on 4″ x 5″ black and white film on a large-format camera and proof sheets.  Michael is a very exciting artist in the Burning Man community and beyond (in Black Rock City he’s best known for EGO in 2012 in collaboration with Laura Kimpton and PHOTOCHAPEL in 2013), and we are thrilled to offer you a chance to work with him!

The portrait sitting item will include a proof sheet and digital file of the portrait and take place at the artist’s studio in Petaluma at a mutually-agreeable time. Value: $1,200

A photo by Michael Garlington.

A photo by Michael Garlington.


Temple of Grace Package

2014’s Temple of Grace was one of David Best’s most well-received. This year we are pleased to offer a beautiful print of one of the early designs for the temple, embellished with charcoal drawing and signed by David Best. Included with the framed print will be two medallions designed by artists Ruby Bettencourt and Jeff Howe for the temple crew and cast in silver just for Artumnal!


Framed 22.25″ x 30″ signed print, 2 Silver Cast Medallions est. value: $1000


The Man’s Neon Tattoo

2014’s Man was branded with a glowing 5 1/2 foot neon tattoo on his right arm. It burned with the Man, but second copy was made, and we have it! This is a striking piece designed by the Man crew’s neon guru Smoke Daddy.  This piece was one of the most iconic elements of Burning Man 2014.

Big Man, little moon, Burning Man 2014

Photo Credit: Michael Holden

Man sculpture, 5 1/2′ x 3′, neon  est. value:  $2000


Custom Dark Garden Gown

dark garden upcycled retouched





Dark Garden creations modeled at Artumnal Gathering, 2012. Photo by George Post.

Dark Garden creations modeled at Artumnal Gathering, 2012. Photo by George Post.

Autumn Adamme, founder of Dark Garden Corsetry, will create for you an elegant gown constructed of upcycled garments carefully draped and stitched by hand onto a corset base. The gown shown here was constructed from 5 mens’ shirts, a pair of trousers, a corset, and a skirt sample from Dark Garden.  Like all Dark Garden corsets, it will be made to fit and flatter, as well as provide the utmost comfort. Autumn hopes to have the opportunity to create a gown like this in the color of the Playa for a dramatic occasion (such as a wedding) Burning Man.  The auction item includes not only the custom gown itself, but a consultation with Autumn to determine your best color and style direction.


Fire Ritual Workshop

“Fire is the very heart and essence of all life.  For it is more phenomena than substance that is revealed, seen and touched in ways of ritual and risk.  It is the primordial energy of the divine manifesting in matter.  And we are all part of that primordial substance.  Dancing with fire is a ritual for me.  It is giving thanks to fire that reaffirms and strengthens belief in myself.” -Crimson Rose

Crimson Rose will pass her knowledge of honoring the flame and paying homage to the sacred.  She will teach two people her personal fire ritual.  At Black Rock City, they will also join her in the procession from Center Camp to burn the Man and watch the burn from inside the inner circle.

Crimson Fire

Photo Credit: John Curley

Coyote’s Rites of Passage by Jason Mchugh

This LED light box, created by Jason McHugh with technology by Illuminode, creates a dynamic RGB experience triggered by proximity sensors. These interactive lighting displays have consistently dazzled burners on the playa at DiSORiENT camp. Be sure to check it out at the back of the main hall before the live auction starts!

Coyote's Rites of Passage

LED Light Box, 33″ x 27″ x 3 1/2″ 2014  est. value:  $5000


BE by Laura Kimpton


You’ve seen them at Burning Man, now take home your very own “big words!” Celebrated Burning Man and BRAF artists, Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg share with you the latest work from their “big words” series which included LOVE, BELIEVE, and MOM in previous years on the playa. This six-foot metal sculpture will make your backyard look like Burning Man all year long. Bring the BE home and BE inspired everyday!



R-Evolution Playa experience

Model of R-Evolution in the artist's studio.

Model of R-Evolution in the artist’s studio.

Join artist Marco Cochrane and the Bliss Dance Crew for a private sunset champagne toast and tour inside “R-Evolution”, the third and final sculpture in The Bliss Project series at Burning Man 2015.

Climbing around inside this magnificent monumental sculpture and watching the sunset from 45 feet off the Playa floor will be a unique experience sure to be one of the highlights of your Burn. This experience will accommodate a total of up to 8 people.


Photos of The Man by George Post

Detail of George Post's photo of The Man.

Detail of George Post’s photo of The Man.

Photographer George Post, aka Jorgé de la Playa, has attended and documented Burning Man every year since 1991. His Playa images have appeared in numerous books, magazines, blogs, and websites, and in 2012 he self-published a coffee-table picture book entitled “Dancing with the Playa Messiah.” Bid on his beautiful photo of the Caravansary Colossus at dawn, with The Souk and Joe Bob Merritt’s “Wind Horse House” archway.


Radio Set on BMIR


Want to DJ at Burning Man? Winner will get their own 90-minute set on Burning Man Information Radio at Burning Man 2013 or on the Shouting Fire year-round Burning Man radio stream. Say and play what you want on the air with guidance and technical assistance from a BMIR staff DJ. Opening Bid: $200

On- or off-playa portrait session with photographer Sidney Erthal

Get ready for your close up! Photographer Sidney Erthal will immortalize you in a beautiful portrait set against the timeless backdrop of the playa. Winner receives a one-hour photo shoot at Burning Man 2015 (or another mutually-agreeable time and place) with a high resolution digital file of 20 edited photos.

Praying Monkey by Michael Garlington


photograph 40” x 50”, 2001, Value: $2500



Our raffle will feature a chance to win two tickets to Burning Man and other fabulous prizes!



Fashion Photo Shoot with photographer Edward Saenz

Imagine a time in the near future when 85% of humanity has been wiped off the face of the Earth. Humans are living in small hunter gatherer tribes. We portray you as one of the heroes of the tribe, dressed to hunt the wild animals that now abound.

Edward Saenz

We’ll plan costumes and shoot on location in rugged Marin County or nearby to create a heroic other worldly image of you and printed at large scale.

Sweaty Taxidermy by Eva Devon

Eva Devon


Eva Devon is an Artist, Mother, & Zoo Keeper living in the foggy peaks of San Francisco, with a gem cutting virtuoso for a husband. We strive to live our life like a wonder cabinet: filled with the mysterious, the beguiling, & the extraordinary. Eva Devon offers Sweaty Taxidermy for you to cherish in your own cabinet.

Violet by Jonathan Marks

One in a series of provocative nudes meant to challenge the stereotypically alluring look often associated with the nude form.

Photograph 18 3/4 x 23 ¾,  2014

Star Tetrahedron by Michael Emery

Michael Emery

Ceramic star with unique stamped pattern 11″x11″

Untitled paintings by Nabiel Musleh


Oil on canvas 8×10″ / 36×18.5″


Signed photographs by Peter Samuels


Stanley the Donkey, signed giclee print on cotton rag paper. Outer framed size approximately ~34 x44”

P Samuels_CamSidestep.e

Cam the Arabian in side pass, signed giclee print on cotton rag paper. Outer framed size approximately ~36 x 36”

Jewelry by Rebecca Throne

photo 1

Hand-formed sterling silver BRC silhouette with semi-precious stones suspended from sterling silver heavy flat link cable chain. sterling silver & vasonite


1997:  Before the Burn by Michael the Redstickman

IMG_0034 (1)

35mm photograph Photo 11×14″ Frame 19×23″


Temple of Whollyness stone necklace by Robert O’Brien


Crafted from shards of stone remaining after the 2013 Temple of Whollyness burn.

Igneous basalt and silver