Elementary School Partners with BRAF

The Black Rock Arts Foundation has partnered with the Parent Teachers Organization to create a pilot after school arts program at Yick Wo Elmentary School. Yick Wo has a history of using the arts in the school to enrich the student experience. Black Rock Arts Foundation Board Member’s Harley Dubois and Dicky Davies have designed a program model that includes…Keep reading >>

ScrapEden SF: Request for Proposals

ScrapEden SF: Request for ProposalsComposting Contraption $10,000-$15,000Timeframe:Proposal Due to BRAF 3/15/10,Grant Award Announced 4/1/10Project Completed by 6/1/10 The Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF), in partnership with the San Francisco Department of the Environment, is seeking artists to develop another public art project for ScrapEdenSF, an ongoing program pairing artists with community groups to create artworks that are designed to inspire…Keep reading >>

Operation Restore Defenestration

Operation Restore DefenestrationOriginally uploaded by Laughing Squid Spotlight shows Brian Goggin hanging from cables as he fixes some furniture during the Operation Restore Defenestration Party. Thanks for the great photo Scott!

Ecstasy at Night

Female Staue in Patricias Green park 016Originally uploaded by PreZen Another fabulous photo from a local photographer. Thanks PreZen! Prior posts about Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito


STOPOriginally uploaded by Troy Holden “Defenestration” is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window. Prior posts about Brian Goggin


RingsOriginally uploaded by Rubin 110 And even more and different photos from the local community. Don’t forget to join us on March 19th.

Global Lives – World Premiere

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHbDGMzdl0g] If you missed the opening of the The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presentation of the Global Lives Project, a 2007 grant recipient, an innovative video installation representing global diversity, you still have a chance to see the exhibit until June 20, 2010 in San Francisco. Working with acclaimed filmmakers, artists and designers, *Global Lives* assembles the realities…Keep reading >>

Operation Restore Defenestration

Come and join us at the “Operation Restore Defenestration”- Fundraiser, Solo show and new works by Brian Goggin. 1:AM Gallery and Brian Goggin are proud to present Operation Restore Defenestration, a month long celebration of Defenestration building’s 13th anniversary as well as the next era of the project’s existence. Operation Restore Defenestration is an event raising funds to repair and…Keep reading >>

My feet, her toes

My feet, her toesOriginally uploaded by aziari I know I said I was not going to post any more flickr photos of Ecstasy, but I just could not resist the magnitude and yet intimacy of this photo. Thanks aziari.

Oh my aching back

Oh my aching backOriginally uploaded by mattymatt Ok, just one more since it is an installation photo, and we love installation photos, but then no more Ecstasy photos until the Opening Reception on March 19th.