Art in Patricia’s Green

Art in Patricia’s GreenOriginally uploaded by aziari We continue to see photos on flickr of “Ecstasy”. Obviously the neighborhood is loving it. Don’t forget to come out for the opening on March 19thOctavia and Hayes4 – 7 pm

“Eat Your heArt Out” Photos #2

more of our wonderful entertainment photo: John Curley posing with the Defenestration sign (we will tell you more about that soon) In the craft room photo: Tom PriceIn the craft room making Valentine Day Presents photo: Arin Fishkin We had a great time at the supperclub sf celebrating Art and Love on Valentine’s Day, to see more photos Click Here.…Keep reading >>

Global Lives comes to San Francisco

[youtube=] BRAF is supporting The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presentation of the Global Lives Project, a 2007 grant recipient, an innovative video installation representing global diversity. Working with acclaimed filmmakers, artists and designers, *Global Lives* assembles the realities of everyday life from Lebanon, Serbia, China, India, Japan, Malawi, Indonesia, Brazil, Kazakhstan and San Francisco into an installation by…Keep reading >>

1:AM Gallery Shout-Out

Thanks to 1:AM Gallery for the shout-out about what BRAF does and that we are a fiscal sponsor for the project (and 1:AM’s next art exhibition opening March 5th) titled “Operation Restore Defenestration“. Watch this space for more information about that opening and project here… photo: unknown

Eat Your heART Out – Photos #1

Diva Marisa Lenhardt raises her beautiful voice for our enjoyment Jared. Ellen and Aaron MonkeyBoy and Exact Lee Actiongrl and Juniper “the boys” Exact Lee, BRAF Board Member, Paul Buchheit, David Silverman and Chad Lester LadyBee and Marcia Crosby Rae Richman, VP Board of Directors and Tomas McCabe, our Executive Director There are a lot of fun photos out…Keep reading >>

Valentine’s Day Ecstasy on Patricia’s Green

Read what my favorite blogger, Civic Center, fabulous photographer and Hayes Valley Neighborhood pundit had to say about Ecstasy on Valentine’s Day. I especially loved that he mentioned that David Best’s Temple on Patricia’s Green was his first blog post, so check out Valentine’s Day Ecstasy on Patricia’s Green, there are other great photos like this one and a local…Keep reading >>

Installing “Ecstasy”

Crimson said “The head of the sculpture is wrapped in a bag to keep the chains from tangling. When the bag was removed the people watching the install cheered.” photos: Crimson Rose photos: Michael Mac Millan We stopped by to see the artists installing Ecstasy at Patricia’s Green. Crimson Rose, Board Member of the Black Rock Arts Foundation and Michael…Keep reading >>

San Francisco Decompression 2009

We came across this photo the other day and we were so charmed that we thought we would take this opportunity to say “Thank you!” once again to the generous benefactors who shared the proceeds from their fabulous wares at San Francisco Decompression, with the Black Rock Arts Foundation: – Skewed Catering – $1761.30!– Chef Fried Dough of Custards Cajun…Keep reading >>