Elemental Interactions – Earth

Don’t miss the third event in our new lecture series, Elemental Interactions. In appreciation of our members and donors, we’ve designed these informal evenings to explore topics of art, science and civic participation. Enjoy demos, talks and performances at the eclectic Burning Man headquarters. Our first events, FIRE! and AIR!, were incredibly enjoyable evenings for all, full of captivating speakers…Keep reading >>

The Mangrove – more photos

Here are some more fabulous photos from the Mangrove installation. The night photos are courtesy of Rob Simpson and the close up of Refoliation by Jessica Reeder and Jennifer Forbes is a photo from our very own pokiedot.

Music in the Mangrove

This Sunday Lenny Raymond from “Lenny Camp” sang songs, played the guitar and generally entertained a crowd in downtown Reno hanging out at the Mangrove. It was a beautiful day along the Truckee River. This was the first gathering and we’re hoping to get musicians and entertainers to perform on Sundays while the Mangrove is installed. Contact me if you…Keep reading >>

The Mangrove Opening

We had a great time at the Mangrove Opening. First exhibited at Burning Man 2007, The Mangrove is an eclectic collection of artworks sculpted by different artist or artist collectives. Each work offers a different lesson, rendered with exquisite craft and detail, in how discarded materials can be reused to create beauty out of ‘trash’. The works now grace the…Keep reading >>

ScrapEden @ Burning Man 2008

Did you come by to visit us in our American Dream backyard. We created flags with words and arranged the words to create sentences, created and left a new word or took a word as a gift. The visual effect was a poetic combination of clotheslines, prayer flags and quilts, with a dash of magnetic poetry.