ecstasy, a photo by Estify on Flickr. I keep thinking that there cannot possibly be a new way to see Ecstasy at Patricia’s Green, and then there is. Thanks for the fabulous photo Estify.

A Sculpture Garden in Oakland? YES!

A shout out from Living in the O, first about partnering with The Black Rock Arts Foundation to provide art for a temporary sculpture garden in Oakland, funded by the Oakland Cultural Arts Department and a $200,000 Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. At the bottom of the post is a lovely story about their visit to Ecstacy…Keep reading >>

Announcing Our 2011 Grant Recipients

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is thrilled to announce our 2011 Grant Recipients. Read all about these about these inspiring, community-focused projects! Each of these projects integrate art and life in an exciting new way. Read more about them here!

Community Art Makers

This is one of the scenic backdrops they built that was used at Art Outside. I just love it! “Community Art Makers” was one of the Black Rock Arts Foundation’s 2010 grant recipients. They are Austin, Texas based community leaders offering work and meeting space, guidance and assistance to artists endeavoring to engage their community. Former notable projects have included…Keep reading >>

Capturing the Raygun Gothic Rocketship

Our very own Josie Schimke, Program Development Associate at the Black Rock Arts Foundation was biking by the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, as she does most days on the way to work, and she came upon an artist painting the Rocketship. She stopped and chatted and took this photo. The Rocketship continues to show up in new and fun ways on…Keep reading >>

Detroit Dream Project

IMG_0544Originally uploaded by quidquid Some new photos of the Detroit Dream Project, one of our 2007 Civic Arts installations. Thanks for the great photo and giving us a peek at how the project looks today! To read more about the temple:Prior blog posts

Crazy rides rockets

Crazy rides rocketsOriginally uploaded by Brandon Doran I continue to be amazed that the Raygun Gothic Rocketship can be photographed in such a variety of ways. Thanks to Brandon Doran for this one. Happy New Year!

Burning Man and BRAF Art Grant Workshop and Art Lounge

You must RSVP if you wish to attend. Email to: rsvp-specialevents  (rsvp-specialevents   Attention Artists: You’ve asked, and we’ve listened! This year we are hosting our first art grants workshop. Come hear from those involved in both BRAF’s and Burning Man’s grant processes about what is needed to create a successful grant proposal. You’ll be given a chance to ask…Keep reading >>