the Artumnal

the Artumnal 2Originally uploaded by john curley John Curley’s fabulous shot of the Artumnal! It was a fabulous evening and isn’t this a fabulous photo!

Artumnal Gathering 2010 v3

Ed Jay got some great shots of the Artumnal performers Ed Jay Photography Michael Olsen/Zork Magazine took a lot of fun photos. It looks like his friends were having a great time too. Thanks to all the volunteers and performers and models and designers and photographers and DJs and the Artumnal team and the huge staff it takes to put…Keep reading >>

Artumnal Gathering 2010 v2

Randal Smith aka furtoghrapher spent the evening taking fabulous portraits of many of us. As you can tell my crew from the Mansonian Institute loved having their photo taken together. I hope you had as much fun as we did!

Artumnal Gathering 2010 v1

Gateway of Wishes (built by Flux Foundation) welcomed visitors to the 4th Annual BRAF Artumnal. Christopher and Amber-Marie Bently graciously donated the Bently Reserve for the evening’s festivities, as well as a bunch of auction items. Nice work kids! The party didn’t end until after 3 a.m. I was there 8 hours and it felt like 3. Great time! After…Keep reading >>

The Artumnal Gathering this Weekend!

This is going to be a truly AMAZING Artumnal Gathering and do NOT miss event. Seriously! New art by the 2010 Temple crew, incredible performances starting right at opening time and going all night. These range from a globally acclaimed whirling dervish to brassy dance beats and electro-swing to laser harpist and ragtime band to seriously rockin’ theme camp dance…Keep reading >>