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Elemental Interactions: Electricity!

July 23, 2009 @ 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Expounding upon our wildly successful Elemental Interactions series, we take our discussion of ‘The Elements’ even further. This year we dig deeper, broadening our definition of elements to include radical, new forms of media and exciting forces of nature that inspire and inform the work of artists in our community.

Enjoy demos, talks and performances by artists, scientists, social historians and others in an informal, conversational setting.

In 2008 we launched a new Member program, a series of quarterly events bringing together artists, scientists, social historians and others in our community to present demos, talks and performances in an informal, conversational setting.

Expounding upon our wildly successful Elemental Interactions series, we take our discussion of ‘The Elements’ even further. This year we dig deeper, broadening our definition of elements to include radical, new forms of media and exciting forces of nature that inspire and inform the work of artists in our community.

We’re happy to announce that our next event in our Elemental Interactions series, ‘Electricity’, will be held at the most appropriate location: PG&E’s Pacific Energy Center!

We hope you’ll join us for another stimulating evening of demonstrations, lectures and performances by artists, scientists and social historians.

Come hear about how electricity in its many forms has inspired our community!


Thursday, July 23, 2009
Doors open at 5:30 pm
Mixer hour 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Presentations begin promptly at 7:00 pm, ending at 9:00 pm

Pacific Energy Center
851 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

(click here for directions)
Members attend free, with a suggested donation of $10 for non-members.

This is an all-ages event.

To become a member, visit: blackrockarts.in-merch.com


More on our exciting guests:

Hosted by new BRAF Board Member, Joe Olivier

Joe Olivier is the founder and principal of Facilatech, an engineering firm that specializes in energy conservation for large facilities.  In joining the BRAF board, he is continuing his parents’ tradition of actively supporting the arts.  Joe attended his first Burning Man in 2000, and has been one of the builders of the Man since 2002.  He credits Burning Man with giving him the impetus to start Facilatech so that he would have the ability to take time off of work to volunteer for the organization. Joe holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University.

Joe Olivier
Joe Olivier, Aka Exact Lee, at the building of ‘The Man’ in 2007

Jessie Deeter, Film Producer

Jessie Deeter is a veteran documentary filmmaker and journalist. She was the Producer of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” She is currently producing “Revenge of the Electric Car,” (www.revengeoftheelectriccar.com) and producing and directing a documentary about breast cancer survivors in the United Arab Emirates.

She recently co-produced and reported “Tapped,” (www.tappedthemovie.com) a feature documentary about bottled water that made its film festival debut in the summer of 2009.

Jessie produced, reported, directed and shot “No More War,” a 22-minute documentary that aired on PBS’ FRONTLINE/World in May 2005. Reviewed positively in the New York Times, “No More War” was submitted for a DuPont award by FRONTLINE. The hour-long version of that documentary, “Taking Guns from Boys,” aired on PBS’ KQED in February, 2007 and had its festival premiere in Milan, Italy. Jessie field-produced “Afghanistan: Hell of a Nation,” a 45- minute documentary on Afghanistan’s Loya Jirga that aired on PBS’ Wide Angle in September, 2004.

In 2003, Jessie traveled to five countries to field produce a documentary for the Asia Foundation’s 50th anniversary. Prior to that, Jessie worked as an associate producer for FRONTLINE/World and FRONTLINE’s “Modern Meat” and “Blackout” documentaries. Her half-hour documentary, “Some They Win,” on Mexican workers at the racetrack, screened in several festivals around the country. Jessie has a Masters of Journalism and International and Area Studies, Middle East focus, from UC Berkeley.

Jessie Deeter
Jessie Deeter

Thereminist, Robert Silverman

Robert Silverman has been an Electronic Musician for over 25 years. He studied classical piano for eight years as a teen, switching to electric keyboards, synthesizers, electric guitar, and finally Theremin as the year progressed. Mr. Silverman has been a member of numerous obscure music groups and collectives over the years, and has recently performed with such National acts as the Mermen. Currently, Mr. Silverman plays Theremin (an electronic instrument where music is made by moving one’s hands in the air) at many Bay Area Movie Theatres and Performance Spaces, featuring Ultra Lounge and Exotica music favorites.

Robert Silverman
Robert Silverman, playing the Theremin

Artist and Musician, TradeMark G.

TradeMark Gunderson has a long history with music and electricity. Since 1986, his band The Evolution Control Committee has steadily gained a worldwide reputation as one of the most influential and leading mash-up bands by assembling samples and sounds into cut-and-paste masterpieces. They’ve also got a reputation for incredible live shows, featuring electronic music inventions like the one he’ll be showcasing here at Elemental Interactions. The VidiMasher 3000 is a rear-projected, infra-red, fake touch screen — hacked from Nintendo Wii controllers.  It might just be the ultimate mashup music instrument.

TradeMark Gunderson is a musician and artist, best known as founder of the band The Evolution Control Committee in 1986. Besides dodging legal threats from CBS, he is also a culture jammer, hardware and software designer, and manager of Burning Man’s BMIR 94.5 FM radio station.

TradeMark, wearing one of his inventions, the Thimbletrona live sampling performance instrument

PEC Director, Robert A. Marcial

Robert’s career in energy efficiency began in 1991 and includes serving as Sr. Program Engineer, and now Director, at the PEC, a building science researcher at U.C. Berkeley, and a lecturer and professor at various colleges and universities focusing on topics related to energy efficiency and integrated building design. Robert has a B.A. Architecture and a Master of Architecture from U.C. Berkeley.

Robert Marcial
Robert Marcial

Also at the event

  • Advisory Board Member, Loren Carpenter’s Tesla Roadster, Electric Car #187 and Jessie Deeter’s Car #173 on display
  • Art by Alan Rory, PHD, almostscientific.com


July 23, 2009
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Pacific Energy Center
851 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 United States