Sample Grant Application

Below are the questions you will find in BRAF’s 2014 grant application. Applications are accepted by invitation only. To be considered for invitation to apply, please review the instructions on submitting a Letter of Inquiry.

If you have been invited to submit a full proposal, it is also required that you submit a budget.

Click here to download our budget template (an Excel document.)

Click here to download the instructions for the budget template (a Pdf document.)

If you are not able to use this Excel spreadsheet template, please email eli .

To apply for a grant, you must fill out an online application. This page is for your reference only. Do not print out and mail this page.

Applicant Information

  1. Invitation Code
  2. Artist Group, Collective or Organization
  3. Artist Website
  4. Primary Contact First Name
  5. Primary Contact Last Name
  6. Have you previously applied for a BRAF grant through the Grants to Artists Program?
    If yes, please list the years you applied.
  7. Have you previously received funding from BRAF?
    If yes, please list the year, the amount awarded and project for which you received funding.

Grants to Artists Details

  1. Description
    How will the project or program manifest itself physically? What will it look like, sound like, etc? Include description of the artworks’ size, materials, construction methods, lighting, sound, electronics, etc. If applying for support for a program, describe the programs activities, goals and outcomes. (3000 characters)
  2. Location
    Where will the work be displayed? When will it occur? How and why was this location selected? Is there admission or other fee to the audience? If no exhibition venue is yet secured, how will you research and select a venue? (3000 characters)
  3. Audience
    Who is your audience? Who will participate in the projects interactive aspects? How will this audience benefit from the experience of the work? (3000 characters)


  1. Project Interactivity
    How is your project interactive? Describe the audience’s experience of the work.
    Describe the interaction between the audience and the work. (3000 characters)
  2. Interactive engagement
    How will your project encourage interaction? How will you engage your audience?
    (3000 characters)
  3. Collaboration
    Is the project collaborative? In what ways? Who will help you create your art project? If relevant, also discuss briefly the roles of partners or volunteers. (3000 characters)

Project Rationale

  1. Philosophical Statement
    What is the fundamental purpose of your project or program, or your Mission Statement? (3000 characters)
  2. Community engagement
    How will your project or program engage your community? Why is this work relevant and important to this community? (3000 characters)
  3. BRAF Mission
    How does this project or program further the mission of the Black Rock Arts Foundation? (3000 characters)


Please describe the progress of your project in a time line. List major accomplishments, milestones and expenditures.

  1. Optional Timeline document
    We prefer if you enter your project’s timeline in the form below. However, if this format does not represent your project’s trajectory adequately, you may upload a file, here.
  2. Planning
    Please list dates and activities of the planning phase for the project. (500 characters)
  3. Creation / Refurbishment
    Please list dates and description of any creation or refurbishment activities for the project. (500 characters)
  4. Installation
    Please list the dates and activities of the installation phase of the project. (500 characters)
  5. Exhibition
    Please list the dates and activities of the exhibition phase of the project. (1000 characters)
  6. Events
    Please list the dates and activities of any one-time or ongoing events asscociated with the project. (500 characters)
  7. De-installation
    Please list the dates and activities of the de-installation phase of the project. (500 characters)
  8. Documentation / Administration
    Please list the dates and description of any documentation or administrative activities asscociated with the project. (500 characters)
  9. Timeline Narrative
    Please describe the projected progress of your project in a brief narrative. How long will it take to plan and produce the project? How long will it be exhibited? What is the future of the piece beyond this exhibition? (2000 characters)


  1. Funding Request
    How much funding are you requesting for the project described in this application?
    Enter a whole dollar amount.
  2. Funding Need
    How will you use your funding from BRAF? (1000 characters)
  3. Fundraising Plan
    How will you raise any remaining needed funding? (1000 characters)
  4. Other Funding
    What other funding sources are you approaching? What other funding have you secured? (1000 characters)

Professional Development

  1. Relevant Accomplishments
    Please list your relevant accomplishments. If applying as an arts collective, you may list highlights of your group’s achievements, or of the group’s members. You may include past projects, your experience with similar projects not your own, corresponding websites or other resources. (1000 characters)
  2. Professional capacity
    How will this project grow your capacity as an artist? (1000 characters)


We require that you submit a budget, and appreciate a detailed budget. Your proposal will be considered an incomplete submission and will not be considered for funding if you do not submit a budget.

Click here to download our budget template.


List all expenses for the entire project, as well as the amount you are requesting from BRAF. Expenses may include, but are not limited to, artist fees, material costs, equipment rental or purchases, permit and insurance fees, travel expenses, and operational overhead costs.

1. Project Budget


We highly encourage you to submit visual aids for your proposal. You may submit supplemental materials such as maquettes, press kit, drawings, technical sketches, photographs, digital images, etc.

Please do not submit examples of past work unless they relate to this project. If submitting video, we suggest submitting no more than 5 minutes of video.

We suggest that you submit different media samples than those you submitted with your LOI.

Provide 0-3 items. Images (up to 5 MB each), Video (up to 60 MB each), Audio (up to 30 MB each) and PDFs (up to 10 MB each). You may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud