KQED “Burning Man Art Beyond the Playa” segment wins awards!


We’ve just learned that the KQED team that produced a segment about the impact of Burning Man Art off of the Playa has won two awards for their work! On Saturday, June 14th, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded the piece a “Northern California Emmy Award” and on May 31st, the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club awarded a “Greater Bay Area Journalism Award“.

Our sincere congratulations go to Executive Producer Joanne Elgart Jennings, Producer Lori Halloran, Reporter Thuy Vu, and the rest of the crew! Here they are accepting their Emmys:


In case you haven’t seen it, here’s their piece, winner of an Emmy for “Best Arts/Entertainment Feature/Segment” and a Greater Bay Area Journalism Award for “Best Feature Story of a Light Nature:”


Black Rock Arts Foundation – Newsletter – June 2014

In this Issue:

  • Fiscal Sponsorship for Burning Man Honorarium art
  • Sunset Piano Opus 3 next events
  • Grantee Update
    • Why Can’t the First Part of the Second Party be the Second Part of the First Party?
    • Compression Sesquicentennial Peregrinations
    • Towards the Green Surface
    • River of Wings
    • Hospitality House
    • The Pool
    • Global Lives
    • Soundwave

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Black Rock Arts Foundation – Newsletter – May 2014

In this Issue:

  • Sunset Piano Opus 3 at the Central Market Microhood
  • Fiscal Sponsorship for Burning Man Honorarium art
  • Artist Update
    • Bryan Tedrick
    • Five Ton Crane
  • Grantee Update
    • Compression Sesquicentennial Peregrinations
    • Why Can’t the First Part of the Second Party be the Second Part of the First Party?
    • The Pool by Jen Lewin
    • Burning Baskets by Mavis Muller

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Black Rock Arts Foundation – Newsletter – March 2014

In This Issue

  • The Bay Lights Anniversary: Two Events
  • Caruso’s Dream: Photos and video
  • Big Art for Small Towns: Lecture and informal reception
  • Grantee Update
    • Bambufonomat

Psst.. stay tuned! Next month’s newsletter will announce BRAF’s 2014 new grantees! We can’t wait to tell you about these projects!

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BRAF is Hiring: Operations Coordinator


The Black Rock Arts Foundation had a very successful 2013 and has many exciting projects in the works. As a result, we are looking to expand our staff to keep up with the growth of the organization.  Below is a short job description and application instructions for the new position.

Position Available: Operations Coordinator, Black Rock Arts Foundation Location: San Francisco, CA

** Please submit resume and cover letter by noon PST on Wednesday, March 5th, 2104, using this link.

Job Summary

This full-time position reports to the Executive Director and will support other staff and manage office organization and administrative processes for a growing arts organization. The Operations Coordinator provides support to the Executive Director and the Program & Development Associates in areas of program administration, development and general office and business operations. This individual is responsible for sending and tracking correspondence, tracking donations, managing our Salesforce database and filing systems, overseeing the organization of our office and other facilities, providing administrative support for our programs and events, and coordinating office reception.

The position requires a highly organized person with excellent time and task management skills who is able to understand the operations of the organization and anticipate administrative needs.

The position affords professional development opportunities for the right candidate through hands-on involvement with all aspects of this successful, growing organization.

This is a full-time, regular position eligible for benefits in our San Francisco office.

For more info or to apply, please view the complete job listing here: http://blackrockcity.theresumator.com/apply/mr9JSc/Operations-Coordinator.html


Year in Review – 2013


Collaboration is the Key

As we reflect on our accomplishments of the last year we can’t help but notice a theme: collaboration. This comes as no surprise – BRAF was founded upon the values shared by Burning Man culture, which prizes community engagement, open exchange of ideas and resources, synthesis of creative efforts and interactive experiences. Our 2013 projects reflect our evolution, demonstrating our ever-deepening commitment to creating work that reflect these core principles.

Most of all, our 2013 endeavors demonstrate your commitment to collaboration. Your support and participation are the essential components that we need to build fantastic art. Whether you’ve volunteered for us, attended one of our events or contributed funding towards one of our projects, your collaboration with BRAF yields great results.

Read on for a report of the great things your involvement has produced. We hope you’ll work with us again. Together we are creating great works that evolve and advance the potential of public art. Help us expand our horizons even further by making a tax-deductible year-end contribution, today!

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Opening Celebration for Silent Lights 12.17.2013

Tonight is the Opening Celebration for Silent Lights (2013 BRAF Grantee).

Come to the unveiling of this project if you’re in Brooklyn!

Invitation to the Opening Celebration for 2013 Grantee Silent Lights.

Invitation to the Opening Celebration for 2013 Grantee Silent Lights.

Silent Lights is a series of sculptural gates that line a pedestrian pathway under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. The gates are embedded with light and sound equipment: 2,400 LEDs and a microphone, controlled by an arduino mega microcontroller. The installation uses these to respond to sounds from the street and transform it into beautiful light patterns. The light enhances this ordinary often overlooked public right-of-way, creating a playful, inviting, memorable space. It is also an attempt to revitalize some of the city’s millions of underutilized square feet of space under the New York street bridges and expressways.

Check out Urban Matter Inc.’s website to learn more about this project.

Black Rock Arts Foundation Newsletter – December 2013

In this issue:

  • Join us for the IlluminArts Walk. Tonight!
  • The Artumnal Gathering: Thank you to all who attended and participated!
  • Aurora in Palo Alto is up and looks fantastic!
  • Grantee Updates
    • Before I Die…
    • The Temple for Christchurch

… and don’t forget to make your tax-deductible end-of-year gift to BRAF! Help us bring more great art into the world next year!

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Evolution of the Temple for Christchurch

Temple For Christchurch from Kyle Kastner on Vimeo.

This video features the evolution of the Temple for Christchurch in its various stages of construction, from the ground up and back down again with its ceremonial burning. The Temple not only embodied qualities of the quake in its architecture (which represented the movement of the quake), but also in its use of recycled timber materials (from structures destroyed in the quake.) By turning the destructive force of the quake on itself, this empowering project also catalyzed shifts in the community affected by the natural disaster, through a collective healing process.