Installing Duel Nature v.2

More shots of the installation of Duel Nature in Reno, another fruitful collaboration with the vibrant and active Reno community. Duel Nature by Kate Raudenbush will grace the waterfront of the Truckee River in downtown Reno, NV from May 21, 2010 until December 1, 2010. Kate making connections Setting in place Moving the perimeter Richard’s eagle eye sets the levelLarry…Keep reading >>

Volunteer Mixer v.2

Freddy Hahne, President, BRAF Board of Directors, “Grant Seeking” Nick Morgan, BRAF Board of Directors “BRAF Events” Michael Barbarino “Web Development” Johnathan “ScrapEden” Harley Dubois, BRAF Vice President Board of Directors “Grants to Artists” Dicky Davies, BRAF Board of Directors “Grants to Artists” Mark Sinclair, BRAF Board of Directors “Civic Arts and Fundraising” Harley Dubois, founding member of both the…Keep reading >>

Installing “Duel Nature” in Reno

Duel Nature has arrived in Reno, Nevada photos: Maria Partridge X marks the spot, Duel Nature will be installed here at the corner of Sierra St. and Island Ave. in Reno, Crimson Rose Previously exhibited at Burning Man in 2006, Duel Nature, by artist Kate Raudenbush, is unique in its materials, (Plasma cut steel, steel tubing, red acrylic mirror)…Keep reading >>

7 Mindblowing Multimedia Projects

The Public Radio MAKER’S QUEST 2.0 article begins with: From time to time, I come across innovative media content that gets under my skin, wows me with its sheer beauty or gravity, its simplicity or complexity. Often, I discover these projects serendipitously. Sometimes, I’m tipped off by other blogs I follow that track inventive storytelling. Since I’m the kinda gal…Keep reading >>

Volunteer Mixer v.1

Last week the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) invited their staff, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, current volunteers and potential volunteers to an evening designed for everyone to get to know one another and to meet and greet new volunteers. BRAF has been very, very busy and has many projects in the pipeline, and the volunteers heard all about the…Keep reading >>

Duel Nature comes to Reno Nevada

RENO, NV – The corner of Sierra Street and Island Ave. along the Truckee River will be transformed into a temporary interactive art installation, performance venue and community gathering spot. Previously exhibited at Burning Man in 2006, Duel Nature, by artist Kate Raudenbush, is unique in its materials, (Plasma cut steel, steel tubing, red acrylic mirror) scale (38’ x 38’)…Keep reading >>

Finley Fryer

Finley Fryer was featured in Enjoy Magazine this month. Finley is an artist, and the Black Rock Arts Foundation, as part of their Civic Arts Program, brought Stan, the Submerging Man to a brand new park in San Francisco in 2006. Congatulations Finley!

Our 2007 grant recipient, Global Lives Founder, David Harris will be a host lecturer at Harvard University. David will speak on “New Media as Public Sociology: Words, words, words vs. lights, camera, action“.

Ecstasy Rocks the Virtual World!

STATUE ECSTASYOriginally uploaded by breakbeatbilly Ecstasy is everywhere, blogs in Montreal, a photo shoot, a photo blog, local blogs, a tourist blog and even YELP! Check her out! I Live Here: SFYelpThe Outer SunsetMatt & NatCaliberNext Stop

Figment – Last Chance for the Groundbreaking!

“1000 Pieces” is one our 2010 Grantees Last chance for FIGMENT Groundbreaking! Groundbreaking information. Join me at the Gershwin Hotel on Wednesday to see all the incredible things that FIGMENT has in store for this summer! 2010 Figment Sculpture Garden Prior posts: Figment, Call for Art

2010 Bent Festival

One of our 2010 Grantees, the Bent Festival, is about to have their annual art and music festival celebrating DIY electronics, hardware hacking, and circuit bending. Each year the New York nonprofit “The Tank” invites artists from across the country and around the globe to perform music with their home- made or circuitbent instruments, teach workshops to adults and children…Keep reading >>

The Work Office (TWO) is now hiring!

The Work Office, one of our 2009 grant recipients sent us this press release last week! The Work Office (TWO) is now hiring! Visit to apply. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis through April 30th. The Work Office (TWO) is a multidisciplinary art project disguised as an employment agency. Informed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of…Keep reading >>