Apply for a BRAF grant and bring interactive, participatory art experiences into your home town!

The deadline for online Letters of Inquiry (LOI’s) for our 2014 grant cycle was December 1, 2013. Late LOI’s will not be accepted. No exceptions. Full proposals are accepted by invitation only. See below for submission instructions.

LOI’s for our 2015 cycle will most likely be available in October of 2014 and due in December of 2014.


About Our Grants

BRAF funds highly interactive, community-driven works of art that prioritize community involvement in their development, execution and display. We fund art that is accessible to the public, civic in scope and prompts the viewer to act. We like art that can be experienced in more ways than visually – art that is touched, heard or experienced as well as viewed. We prioritize funding art that involves the audience in its conception, creation and presentation.

Does this sound like your artwork? Apply for a BRAF grant!

Burning Man – What’s the connection?

Our grantees create projects that are akin to the highly interactive and engaging art experienced at the annual Burning Man event. BRAF grantee projects bring like-minded interactive projects to the rest of the world. Some of our grantees employ a valuable connection with the Burning Man Regional Network, utilizing existing collaborations and established collectives to usher in new artwork into their local communities. Many of our grantees have no connection with the extended Burning Man network, but share the inspiration to spark civic engagement through interactive art.