Sneak Preview – “The Temple Builder”

Benefit the Black Rock Arts Foundation and… Join us for a sneak preview of Mike Wilson’s, “The Temple Builder,” on Wednesday, April 19th 2006 at the historic Victoria Theater in San Francisco’s Mission District. The Santa Cruz Film Festival, the Film Arts Foundation, and the Black Rock Arts Foundation will co-present a screening of “The Temple Builder” and “Beyond Black…Keep reading >>

Ignition NW — Temple of Dawn

The creation of Ignition NW was spawned over the last several years as some of the 3,000 people from the Pacific Northwest who attend Burning Man each year have come together and developed a thriving, year-round arts community. Ignition NWwas formed over a series of conversations which looked at what the needs and desires of the community were, and what…Keep reading >>

Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

As our tour of this non-stop-coffee-riddled town continued we found ourselves in the halls of the newly completed Youngstown Cultural Arts Center — an accessible, multicultural, affordable arts center which will annually serve about 75,000 people. A renovated school building, this four story building dates back to 1917 and houses 3 stories of artist live/work space (with rents based on…Keep reading >>

Rainier Vista Central Park

After having visited the incredible folks in Portland we made our way to the snow cap mountain encrusted town of Seattle. We came, as a large contingency representative of the Black Rock Arts Foundation, to see just what the movers and shakers in this neck of the woods were movin’ and shakin’. We were treated to a tour of Rainier…Keep reading >>

City Repair, PDX

The Black Rock Arts Foundation has been looking for other organizations in pursuit of a similar mission. And this time around, it just so happens they found us! We were so intrigued by Ben Dantoni and the work of City Repair in Portland, that we had to take a trip to parts north, and see what they were all about.…Keep reading >>

Make Way for ‘Passage’

Now that ‘Flock’ has come down, it is of course, time to put a new installation in place. As part of the continuing effort to peppper our hometown of San Francisco with art first created for the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, we are pleased to bring you ‘Passage,’ by Dan Dasmann and Karen Cusolito. At the tail end of…Keep reading >>

Flock’s Final Migration

It’s been just about a month since Michael Christian’s ‘Flock’ migrated from SF Civic Center back to the East Bay where the sculpture will be readied for permanent installation at the di Rosa Preserve — a 217 acre spread featuring three galleries and a 35 acre sculpture garden at the base of the Sonoma and Napa Valleys. On the first…Keep reading >>